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PediaKid’s Anxiety-Hyperactivity Review

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Anxiety-Hyperactivity is for the treatment of anxiety, hyperactivity, stress, concentration and focus. Anxiety-Hyperactivity promotes behavioral and emotional balance.

This line of PEDIAKID is completely safe and has effective vitamins & natural supplements that are scientifically designed to support children’s healthy growth and help balance development throughout childhood.


PediaKid’s Anxiety-HyperActivity contains the following ingredients:

  • Acacia Fibers – There is a lack of information stating Acacia’s effectiveness in weight loss and cholesterol management. There is also a lack of information stating that it is useful for any other uses.
  • Hydro Glycerine – A mixture of water and glycerine. The most common use, and the one most supported by evidence, is to aid in constipation.
  • Hops – Web MD states that there is insufficient evidence that Hops helps with the reduction of insomnia or anxiety.
  • Passion Flower -Passion Flower is considered possible effective for the relief of symptoms related to anxiety and narcotic withdrawal.


For children under the age of 4, the recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon after breakfast and after lunch. The dosage for above the age of 4 years is 2 teaspoons after breakfast and after lunch. It is suggested that you shake well before using. Anxiety-Hyperactivity is not intended for children under 2 years of age.


The price of one bottle of Anxiety-Hyperactivity is normally $24.99, but they have it on sale for $18.79. This bottle contains 4.17 fluid ounces.


PediaKid’s Anxiety-Hyperactivity only guarantees that all products purchased are their original products, tested in a laboratory and manufactured by PediaKid in France. According to their policy, their liability is limited to refunding the purchase amount of any product they sell that is not theirs.  Essentially, this means that there is no rational, honorable guarantee of any kind.

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