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Purelife Gabatrol Stress & Tension Review

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Do you suffer from bouts of occasional stress, anxiety, or depression? Do you experience feelings of hopelessness or feel overwhelmed when faced with too many of life’s challenges. Are you paralyzed by the responsibilities you face on a daily basis? We live in a chaotic and unforgiving world, so stress, anxiety, and depression are challenges all of us face from time to time. Unfortunately, some individuals seem better equipped to stand up to the challenges, while others struggle. If you experience these feelings and find yourself struggling to manage your levels of stress and anxiety to a point where you feel depressed, there are many medications and supplements available to alleviate these feelings and symptoms.

While some remedies come in the form of prescription medications, these fixes can be costly, pose the risk of adverse side effects, impair cognitive function, can be habit-forming, and place undue strain on your body as it tries to process the harsh chemical compounds.


Instead of running to get a prescription filled and exposing yourself to harsh chemicals, there is an economical and effective solution that doesn’t require a prescription and offers a drug free formula that is guaranteed to work without causing adverse side effects.

Gabatrol offers natural relief from stress, anxiety, and depression in as little as 15-minutes when taken on an empty stomach. Gabatrol is safe and may be taken both consistently on a daily basis and in urgent moments when you require a little extra support.

One of Gabatrol’s key ingredients is Kanna, an herb that has been used for hundreds of years to improve life spirits. In addition to Kanna, Gabatrol boasts a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that reduce mood swings, and support mental focus and clarity; all without the fear of unwanted side effects. The full list of ingredients is as follows:

If you’re entertaining the idea of seeking a prescription for pharmaceuticals like Xanax, Prozac, or Zoloft, do yourself a favor and try Gabatrol first. Experience the amazing difference a safe and effective natural supplement can make in your day-to-day life.


While a simple dose of 3-4 Gabatrol capsules will be sufficient for treating many people, some may find a higher dose of 5-6 capsules is required to sufficiently treat their symptoms. The average recommended daily dose is 4-6 capsules. In moments of high and intense stress it is safe to take up to 7 capsules.


One bottle of Gabatrol contains 90 tablets and costs $59.95. The cost per tablet is $0.67, but with a high daily dose of 4-6 tablets the average cost of taking Gabatrol daily is approximately $3.35.


You can try Gabatrol without the worry of investing in a treatment that may not work for you. If you find that Gabatrol was not what you expected you can return the unused tablets for a full refund within 60 days.


Gabatrol is a holistic and gentle treatment for the symptoms of stress and doesn’t lead to the negative side effects associated with prescription drugs. But, the dosing requirements are quite considerable with the directions suggesting you take up to 7 tablets in times of very high stress.

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